What's going on in Your Community?

Crime respects no boundaries. Incident reporting and information sharing is critical for increasing the safety of our communities.

To help with information sharing between community associations and concerned citizens, we present the See It Say It Reporter Application.

For Members of a Crime Watch or Other Community Association

Leveraging the familiar Google Maps interface, reporter provides you and your neighbours the ability to report incidents (suspicious or otherwise)
within your neighbourhood as well as view incidents reported by others.

Reporter does not replace calling 9-1-1 for emergencies or directly reporting crimes to RCMP or your local police.
Please use our Contacts list for relevant contact information in your area.

For Crime Watch or Other Community Associations

To facilitate better communication to members, Reporter also provides Message Fan Out (via email, SMS text, and voice)
and membership list management capabilities (including online registration support) for your Association.


Originally conceived and developed for Cochrane Foothills Protective Association, a chapter member of Alberta Rural Crime Watch,
we are pleased to make Reporter available for all other ARCW chapters and any other community association wishing to provide this functionality for their members.

How to Sign Up

User Accounts to the reporter are managed through your local Crime Watch or other Community Association. Check our Association List and see if yours has been set up.

If your association is set up, you can register through your associations registration page as listed in the Association List, or you can use our generic registration page.
Please note, registrations are forwarded to your selected association for final approval, so please be patient with them.

If your association is not listed, please have them contact us at Show E Mail Address to get set up.